Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dead Season

Friends. Recently we got many commentaries with plea to tell about project status and is alive film crew or not. Film crew alive and healthy. Main shooting season is over and guys went away on vacation. Year has been stressful for everyone and we need to save energy for final push. Actually work on the film goes even in "dead season". We warned you, that posts will appear rarely, because now all focus goes on montage and post-processing of the material. Ready to negotiate with St. Petersburg concerning dubbing. Original soundtrack in a writing stage. In general, work in full swing. Of pleasant things, on photos is explosion of multistory building in center of the city (year ago in this place were shooting) MOE provided an opportunity for our volunteers to film this act, and in the future we will be able to use this footage for episode uprising in City 17.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Remains of the Desert

On this time my task – tell about filming, but without spoilers. I almost did it, selecting photos. :)) Filming was and ahead of them more enough... Stretching the rear screen on a slope of the scree, weeding the space between camera and actor – a few of the offscreen work this time reflected in the pictures. And it was fun! There is one more shot prologue remain - does not have time to filming it. In short, my friends, we do not stand still. How can, so shoot. Wish good luck, or what?

State of New Mexico. Right near Kaluga.

One of the brightest filming - the prologue. Escape Barney and two scientists from Black Mesa, the ending Blue Shift, you remember... :)) It is natural, that star of day was Ruslan. Spending some time, newcomer in our team professional make-up artist Irina could give Barney the kind of person, that with honor went through entire game. :)) It seems that almost all were photographed in a make-up. Second star was jeep Toyota Tundra.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Filming of combines and citizens of City 17.

We've made some filming of combines and City 17 citizens. Finally we're done with the creation of the combine uniform. The uniform itself is hand-made and consists of these elements:
vest, jacket with straps, double belt, holster… We also made different removable ribbons (we've ordered them in specialized company). The mask was much harder to make. The first mask we made was very heavy because it was made of putty, epoxy, and clay.
The second one, which was made by the property master of TUZ (Theater of young viewer), was much better than the first one, but it got its own drawbacks, like lack of view and it's absolutely hermetical.
During the last shooting we decided to add some sort of hose to the mask for breathing. But we couldn't find anything that could solve this problem and the longest time the combine took was about 1,5-2 minutes, because there was not enough air in the mask.
And there is even less time if the combine is actually running, fighting or doing any activity...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Freeman`s Days-Day One-Official English Teaser

We've made an English version of the teaser. So if someone got any wish to give us some PR somewhere outside of motherland - here you go.
We've changed...  some orthography mistakes.
This is our first milestone, to show what it’s all about.
And sure , there will be another teaser and release teaser later...
There'll be a lot of stuff. This is some kind of report on the last days of our filming.
It looks way better in HD.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's get started...

Let's get started, ladies and gentlemen!

So, you've reached the blog of a project about “Half-Life 2”.

First off, we want you to understand that this project is absolutely non-commercial and is being created out of great love for the original material.

What is it?

This project is a non-professional fan movie which takes place in the Half - Life 2 universe and mostly follows its storyline.
However, we've decided to start a bit earlier - not when we saw G-man‘s introduction or from the train in City-17; we've decided to start from the Black Mesa explosion.Well, the fans know what we are talking about...