Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Filming of combines and citizens of City 17.

We've made some filming of combines and City 17 citizens. Finally we're done with the creation of the combine uniform. The uniform itself is hand-made and consists of these elements:
vest, jacket with straps, double belt, holster… We also made different removable ribbons (we've ordered them in specialized company). The mask was much harder to make. The first mask we made was very heavy because it was made of putty, epoxy, and clay.
The second one, which was made by the property master of TUZ (Theater of young viewer), was much better than the first one, but it got its own drawbacks, like lack of view and it's absolutely hermetical.
During the last shooting we decided to add some sort of hose to the mask for breathing. But we couldn't find anything that could solve this problem and the longest time the combine took was about 1,5-2 minutes, because there was not enough air in the mask.
And there is even less time if the combine is actually running, fighting or doing any activity...

We also asked our friends and mates to create a crowd for scenes in the city and in the train station.

We also want to point out the shooting of the take for the "interrogation scene", which you can see when Barney leads Gordon Freeman into the corridor of the train station: they pass a room in which we see a citizen, and a combine is closing the window.

Specifically for this scene we’ve made huge efforts with the light, because this
scene will be without CGI. It was such a pleasure to place the light so we could achieve the needed image and then find this image on the "film"!

This photo represents the corridor before and during the time of light-placing.

Some cat, interested in the huge mass of people, joined us in the filming process.
I don't know where , but we sure are gonna add it.

Overall, the work was successful, and by this time we have almost every scene which is needed for the trailer.
Anyway , it worth it , the entire month of January was well spent... at least the computers say so. The month of composing, editing and (my god!) voicing has begun!