Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's get started...

Let's get started, ladies and gentlemen!

So, you've reached the blog of a project about “Half-Life 2”.

First off, we want you to understand that this project is absolutely non-commercial and is being created out of great love for the original material.

What is it?

This project is a non-professional fan movie which takes place in the Half - Life 2 universe and mostly follows its storyline.
However, we've decided to start a bit earlier - not when we saw G-man‘s introduction or from the train in City-17; we've decided to start from the Black Mesa explosion.Well, the fans know what we are talking about...

The whole movie will be cut into days (aka series). The first day is the day when Freeman arrives in City 17, meets Barney, escapes from the combines and gets a stun stick in the face in the attic of some building. Well, as you remember, we then meet Alyx... and so on…

How many can we handle?
We don't know, we are working on the first day right now, but we haven’t lost our enthusiasm, as we not only wish to do this, but to do this really good...Well, time will show.

Who is creating this?

Two people: Roman Samtsov and Andrei Mankevich. We are both about 30 years old. We live in Kaluga. We are working in our free time from work with two home computers (not so powerful, I must say). We work for a local TV company, and we are both editors. We have a self-educated level of experience with 3D packages, programs and other CGI stuff. Mostly the project will be scenes with live actors in virtual decorations. However, there will not be only CG scenes , but also live scenes as well. The final picture will be in a format of 1920х1080 px, but there will be also more friendly video sizes for online services.

Why do you do this?

We saw lots of fan movies - not only about Half-life universe - and yes, we saw "Escape From City 17 - Part One" ; and we think we can manage the same quality.
No, no, we love that game very much and we know that we can do better!


We hope to finish our first episode by the end of this year. And everything will be in free share.


  1. Мыкола ПеребейнiсApril 1, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    а чи буде українська версія? а то я по російськи не розумію = (

  2. Very good work, we're following your work closely as Half Life fans, take care !

  3. Looks good. Good luck with the production.