Thursday, August 2, 2012

State of New Mexico. Right near Kaluga.

One of the brightest filming - the prologue. Escape Barney and two scientists from Black Mesa, the ending Blue Shift, you remember... :)) It is natural, that star of day was Ruslan. Spending some time, newcomer in our team professional make-up artist Irina could give Barney the kind of person, that with honor went through entire game. :)) It seems that almost all were photographed in a make-up. Second star was jeep Toyota Tundra.
It was the only jeep, whose owner agreed to cooperate with us in convenient time and we thought, that car in length slightly more than five and a half meters will, say the least, too big. But huge quarry has put everything in its place.
Two scientists, that furiously arguing in the back seat and disturbing to Barney to driving the car, play two people with speaking surnames - Khoroshavin and Nekhoroshev.
Filming apogee in  prologue (without spoilers!) thwarted by rain. Filming this part an this Sunday. Backstage in this time will not be - collect material for film about film.
According to the most pessimistic estimations remain filmings apogee in prologue, the last meeting of Gordon Freeman with Combine on attic of the house and the moment at the station, when GF passes along the passage of the grid and his leads away one of the Combine. Yes, subsequently - Barney. In parallel to filming goes post-processing in different stages and primary montage, after that we can find out approximate duration, send pieces for voice acting to St. Petersburg, send pieces to the composer to write music and understand, what a scenes should re-film.
Such affairs, brothers…
Photos is mine and Stas Elensky. Well and all those, whose hands reached the camera...

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  1. Barney is really in bad shape!

    Keep up the good work!